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Super Tuesday: Final Chapter or Next Installment

February 05, 2008 11:43 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
As Super Tuesday begins, voters wonder how long it will be before the Republican and Democratic nominees are decided.

30-Second Summary

Today the differing strategies adopted by candidates throughout the primary season may finally pay off—or not.

But with so many states involved, including some facing issues with voting machines and delegate counts, it may be more than a day before the votes are tallied.

Beyond the logistical issues of voting, there is also the question of what Super Tuesday will mean for the winners on either side of the party line. For Republicans, the candidate who wins a state takes all its delegates. So, today is likely to produce a clear winner.

In contrast, the number of delegates a Democrat wins is proportionate to the popular vote. Super Tuesday is not expected to end the Democratic race for nomination.

According to The Washington Post, “Democratic strategist Bill Carrick put it best: ‘To paraphrase Churchill,’ he wrote in an e-mail, ‘the Democrats are at the end of the beginning and the Republicans are at the beginning of the end.’”

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