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Obama Takes Lead in Democratic Race

February 20, 2008 11:47 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
With decisive victories in Wisconsin and Hawaii, Obama is the solid front-runner in the bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

30-Second Summary

Barack Obama now leads in the delegate count after large-margin victories in Wisconsin and Hawaii. At time of writting, he has 1,187 pledged delegates, compared to Hillary Clinton’s 1,028, according to Real Clear Politics.

The Illinois senator won 58 percent of the Wisconsin vote and the majority of the state’s 74 delegates.

Clinton arrived in the Badger State "four days later than her opponent, campaigning last week largely via surrogates, TV ads, phone and satellite," wrote the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. That may have lost her the support of the state's blue-collar workers, generally thought a reliable source of support for Clinton.

Gov. Jim Doyle told a reporter, “If Hillary Clinton can't come in and win in [a state like] Wisconsin, she's not going to get the nomination."

Hawaiian voters turned out in record numbers to endorse their native son, who enjoyed a landslide 76 percent victory there.

Hawaii, a solidly blue state with four votes in the Electoral College, saw participation in local caucuses reach levels three times higher than average.

State House Majority Leader Kirk Caldwell (D-Manoa) told the Honolulu Advertiser that the caucuses were something “unbelievable … I think people thought they were part of something special tonight.”

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Background: Obama’s rise

FindingDulcinea has been following Barack Obama’s campaign and tracking his victories and campaign speeches.
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Key Players: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama (1961-)
Hillary Clinton (1947-)

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D–NY) has billed herself as the experienced alternative to Obama, though it has been suggested that there is too much bad blood between her and the electorate.

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