NYT Takes Flak over McCain Article

February 24, 2008 12:05 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
The Times article has rallied support for McCain from previously wary conservatives and drawn him sympathy elsewhere. Did the Gray Lady slip up?

30-Second Summary

Readers have submitted over 2,000 comments to The New York Times Web site since the story first appeared two days ago.

While some commentators have been supportive, the Times reports that most have been critical. In response, the paper announced that all staff members involved in the production of the story would answer reader-submitted questions today.

Critiquing both the journalistic merits of the article and the paper’s possible motivation, columnists from the Colombia Journalism Review, Slate and even the Times itself have offered their perspectives on the piece and the three-month delay of its publication.

Some have defended the story, suggesting that much of the criticism is misguided because it focuses too much on the personal relationship between McCain and Iseman while glossing over the political influence she was reported to have over the senator.

Meanwhile, a number of conservative commentators have spoken out in defense of McCain, including those who in the past have criticized his now all-but-certain Republican nomination.

Rush Limbaugh said that the article was an attempt to smear McCain, and the Christian Broadcasting Network said an “attack” from The New York Times was a “conservative badge of honor.”

In addition to denying all of the allegations implied in the story at a press conference on Feb. 21, the McCain campaign has also responded by using the Times article to rally support from potential donors.

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