Eyes Turn to California's Early Voters

February 05, 2008 01:09 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
California has 370 Democratic and 170 Republican delegates, more delegates than any other state. Half of California’s votes will be cast by mail.

30-Second Summary

Many of California’s early votes won’t count because they are for Giuliani or Edwards, candidates who have since dropped out of the race.

That could be a big loss for the second-choice candidates of those voters.

Mail-in votes could also delay the announcement of the ballot results in California until tomorrow, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Only in Ocean County, N.J., will early mail-voters who voted for a candidate who has dropped out get another chance to vote. But those voters have to request a second ballot.

Paul Gronke, an early-voting expert told The New York Times that early voting is an “extensive, grueling and expensive get-out-the-vote operation” for campaigners. He added that absentee voters “tend to be older, more affluent, better educated and more partisan.”

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