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Bloomberg Doesn’t Campaign in Election Non-Bid

January 22, 2008 12:35 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Pollsters and journalists can’t stop chewing over the possibility of Bloomberg’s running for president—no matter how often he brushes aside the suggestion.

30-Second Summary

For all Bloomberg’s demurrals, his actions suggest to many observers that the mayor protests too much.

His revamped Web site emphasizes a new interest in national issues. And Bloomberg is keeping a close eye on the 2008 presidential race, splurging on polls in all U.S. states, according to the Associated Press. Allegedly, the polls are designed to gauge his chances of becoming president should he enter the race.

In his State of the City address on Jan. 17, Bloomberg berated politicians for their “xenophobic” positions on immigration. Earlier this month, at a bipartisan summit in Oklahoma, he attacked Washington’s partisan politics. “People have stopped working together, government is dysfunctional, there's no collaborating and congeniality,” he said.

Most pundits express the opinion that Bloomberg’s chances of winning are slim. An op-ed in The Wall Street Journal said “Mayor McTease” would be well advised to spend his money and energy on other, less ambitious projects.

That said, even though no independent candidate has won in modern U.S. history, independents and third-party candidates have had a real impact on presidential elections in the past. Ross Perot’s 1992 bid is often cited as having helped Bill Clinton defeat the first President George Bush.

Some analysts see Bloomberg, an ex-Republican, taking away Republican votes, while others say he will split the Democratic vote. He is a former Democrat as well and has very Democratic stances on abortion, firearms and immigration.

Real Clear Politics predicted he might get just enough votes to stall the election. 

Pollster Frank Luntz anticipates that Bloomberg will affect this election profoundly, but that he is unlikely to win.

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