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Former New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer

Spitzer Will Face No Federal Charges

November 06, 2008 04:50 PM
by Christopher Coats
Prosecutors announced Thursday that their investigation of a prostitution ring turned up insufficient evidence to charge disgraced former N.Y. Gov Elliot Spitzer.
The U.S. Attorney General for Manhattan, Michael Garcia, announced Thursday that an investigation into payments Spitzer had made to a New York-based prostitution ring, called the Emperor’s Club, had been concealed through a process of money laundering called “structuring” had concluded with insufficient evidence of wrongdoing.

The act of structuring is when payments between two parties are broken down in smaller amounts to escape detection.

“After a thorough investigation, this Office has uncovered no evidence of misuse of public or campaign funds,” read Garcia’s official release, as reported in The New York Times. “We have determined that there is insufficient evidence to bring charges against Mr. Spitzer for any offense relating to the withdrawal of funds for, and his payments to, the Emperors Club VIP.”

Spitzer stepped down as governor of New York in March after a federal wiretap revealed that he had solicited the services of a prostitute after his bank reported a series of suspiciously high money transfers.

An investigation into whether Spitzer had violated federal law by transporting a prostitute over state lines, as the meeting was arranged to occur in a Washington, D.C., hotel, was also found to be without adequate evidence.

In May, Temeka Rachelle Lewis faced federal charges and eventually pled guilty for her role as booker for the VIP Club. She faces a sentence of anywhere 16 months to 25 years.

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