Britain's Metropolitan Police
Abdulla Ahmed Ali was found guilty of
conspiring to commit murder with Assad
Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain.

Three of Eight British Terror Suspects Convicted

September 08, 2008 03:22 PM
by Cara McDonough
Three men were found guilty Monday of a terrorist conspiracy to commit murder with homemade bombs. Their 2006 plot caused chaos in the airline industry.
Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain, along with five other men, were accused of plotting to bring down transatlantic flights with explosives disguised to look like soft drinks in 2006. Their actions “led to sweeping airport restrictions,” the BBC reports.

The jury found one of the other five men not guilty and failed to reach verdicts on the other four. Ali, Sarwar and Hussain, all from London, were found guilty of conspiracy to murder, but the jury could not agree on charges of conspiring to target aircraft. The men, who said in their defense that they had only planned a “political spectacle, and not to kill anyone,” will be sentenced at a later date.

Their plot, which would have targeted planes headed from Heathrow Airport in England to the United States and Canada, “caused travel chaos in 2006 at the height of the summer vacation season,” writes the Associated Press. Hundreds of flights in the United States and Europe were cancelled, and passengers were forced to give up beverages and many other carry on-items under new security guidelines that restricted the quantity of liquids allowed on airplanes.

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