Sheila shortage, man drought, more women than men in Australia

Finding a Mate Is Tough for Women in Australia

September 08, 2008 06:56 AM
by Rachel Balik
Due to a rising tendency of Australian men to work abroad, Australian women in their 30s outnumber in-country men in their age group.

A Dearth of Men Down Under

Australia has always had more men than women, but now, five percent of the population lives abroad; Australian men are emigrating at rapid rate as they seek foreign job opportunities. The mass exodus is making it difficult for 30-something women to find partners. The problem isn’t so great for women in their 20s, because they are approached by men of all ages, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) News reports. Women in their 20s still benefit from a long-standing “sheila shortage.” (Sheila is a slang term for young woman.) But if they find themselves still single at age 34, they’re in for a rude awakening. That’s the tipping point, at which women begin outnumbering men.

By age 40, there are 9 percent more women than men. And this percentage only gets worse for women as they get older. Australian Women Online does suggest some towns where the gender disparity favors women, but the problem is that women tend to prefer urban areas, whereas many of the eligible men are located in more remote, rural places.

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One of those places is the mining town of Mount Isa, where Mayor John Molony went so far as to invite ugly women to move to the town. The Townsville Bulletin reported that in order to balance the town’s predominantly male population, the mayor advertised that Mount Isa had the  “perfect conditions for ‘ugly ducklings’ to flourish into beautiful swans and find true happiness.” In fact, it’s common for rugged areas to find themselves suffering from a deficit of women.

Reference: Bernard Salt


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