Seoul, South Korea

South Korean Man Kills Six in Stabbing, Arson Spree

October 20, 2008 01:43 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Six people were killed and seven left wounded after a 31-year-old suspect wielding a sashimi knife went on a violent rampage on Monday in Seoul.
The suspect, identified by police by his surname Jeong, first set fire to his low-cost lodging house in the southern part of the city before stabbing five people while running away from the fire, reports The Associated Press.

One other person died after jumping out of a window to avoid the fire, reported police, who say the death toll will probably rise as some of those who were injured are in critical condition. About 100 residents of the building were forced to flee the fire, Agence France-Presse reported.

Police said that Jeong, who was arrested at the scene, had been in dire financial straits since losing his job in April and had been struggling to pay rent, his phone bills and fines.

“The world ignores me. I no longer want to live,” Jeong told police, according to detective Kim Gap-Shik in a briefing to reporters.

The Yonhap news agency reported that some of the Jeong’s victims included Chinese nationals.

Violent crime is infrequent in South Korea, although earlier this year, a man started a fire that destroyed one of the country’s national landmarks, a 13-century gate in Seoul.

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