More Dog Owners Performing 'Holy Muttrimony'

June 23, 2008 10:00 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Dog weddings are the latest wave in the larger phenomenon of pet owners treating their animals like their children.

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Whether they are being called “Holy Muttrimonies” or “Bow-wow vows,” dog weddings are taking off, reports Newsday.

"Marriage for an animal is almost like marriage for a human," says pet marriage counselor Shirley Scott. "An animal union is more like a blessing under God."

Pet ceremonies in general, from birthday parties and funerals to "Bark Mitzvahs," are on the rise, and the $40 billion pet industry is paying attention.

According to the census and other reports, about 63 percent of American households have pets. Not only has the pet ceremony trend been a boon to those offering products such as dog wedding dresses, but it is also the cause of employment for a varied group of pet professionals, including pet marriage counselors, pet wedding planners, pet caterers, pet trainers and pet priests.

"People treat their pets like their own children," says Diana Guerrero, an animal behavior expert. "Sheltering organizations, church leadership, party planners are saying, 'Holy hot dog! Here's all these people with pets and they're spending a lot of money, let's welcome them in.'"

While pet owners treat these ceremonies with reverence, they are bound to inspire ridicule in others.

"I'm always on the lookout for another sign of the Apocalypse. The last one involved reports of Americans craving $400 per pound gourmet coffee beans from the behind of a cat. Now dog unions are considered blessed events," commented columnist John Kass in the Chicago Tribune.

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