Italian Doctors Accused of Murder

June 10, 2008 03:34 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Two doctors at a clinic in Milan are suspected of performing unnecessary surgeries that resulted in the deaths of five nursing home patients in order to collect higher fees.

30-Second Summary

Eleven other doctors from the same clinic are being held on charges that include manslaughter, bodily harm and health-care system fraud, reported The BBC.

The two men have been identified as Pierpaolo Brega Massone and his assistant, Pietro Fabio Presicci, according to United Press International.

One woman who required surgery to remove a tumor became so weakened after receiving two additional, unneeded surgeries that she died, according to police.
Authorities say that clinic staff falsified medical tests in order to carry out the unnecessary procedures, and staff were able to supplement their monthly incomes by as much as 25,000 euros.

While every doctor takes an oath to do no harm, there have always been killers in the profession. Some of the more notorious include Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele, whose victims were Auschwitz inmates, and Michael Swango, an American doctor who left a long trail of dead or sickened patients and coworkers in his wake.

"In the end, we doctors are no different than the rest of you. We probably turn killer less often than most other occupations. But our ranks have and will always include the deeply flawed, the greedy, the delusional, bunglers, rationalizers and just plain sociopaths—like every other population," said Regina Dwyer, quoted in the International Herald Tribune in 2007.

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