Nikolas Giakoumides/AP
A police officer is seen outside the villa of kidnapped Greek industrialist Giorgos Mylonas
early this month.

Greek Industrialist Freed From Kidnappers

June 23, 2008 05:55 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Giorgos Mylonas, the CEO of aluminium conglomerate Alumil Milonas SA, was freed unharmed after his family gave 12 million euros to his captors.

30-Second Summary

The 49-year-old businessman said that he was not harmed by his kidnappers, although he had "not seen the light of day for 13 days."

The AFP has reported that his ransom amount was 12 million euros, although Mylonas has denied that the amount is public knowledge.

"Only I and my wife know the precise amount, not even the police know that," he said about the ransom, which was paid by his family on Saturday. The talks were handled by Mylonas' wife and police. The kidnappers had originally asked for 30 million euros.

Mylonas was seized at gunpoint from his car outside his home in Thessaloniki two weeks ago. It is suspected that five people were involved in the kidnapping, including three gunmen, a driver and a "mastermind."

"For me it was a bad experience," Mylonas said. "But, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Mylonas announced today that he is resigning as president of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece in order to spend more time with his family.

While it is often children, particularly the offspring of celebrities, who are abducted, there have been other prominent businessmen in history who have been kidnapped.

In 1978, Belgian industrialist and millionaire Baron Edouard-Jean Empain was kidnapped and released after a two-month ordeal during which he was forced to stay inside an unlit camping tent in heavy chains.

In 1934, millionaire and Canadian brewery owner John Sackville Labatt was kidnapped by three gang members led by Michael Francis McCardell, also known as Three Fingered Abe.

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