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Zagreb, Croatia

Decomposed Body Found Decades After Woman’s Death

June 18, 2008 08:06 PM
by Isabel Cowles
A dead woman was found mummified in her Croatian apartment at least 35 years after her death.

30-Second Summary

A Croatian woman was found dead in her apartment, decades after she died.

News sources reporting on the incident offer various dates for Hedviga Golik’s death, though one thing is certain: her mummified body was found by her neighbors at least three decades after her heart stopped beating.

Tenants in Golik’s apartment building broke into her flat, hoping to divide the space between them. They found her body, completely decomposed and untouched.

Although residents had made attempts at contacting the police throughout the last three or four decades to learn more about the vacant apartment, authorities never responded.

The windows of Golik’s apartment were open, minimizing the smell of her decay.

Dragutin Kis, a tenant of the building, says she last saw Golik more than 50 years ago. “She received the flat from the building’s guard, who received it instead of money, that is the salary for building the flats. Hedviga was his lover,” Kis told reporters.

Because Golik’s body is so decomposed, forensic scientists have no way of pinpointing exactly when or how she died.

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