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Bizarre Case of Severed Feet Puzzles Canadian Police

June 18, 2008 11:44 AM
by Josh Katz
Yet another detached foot washed ashore near Vancouver on Monday, bringing the total to five and continuing to baffle authorities and observers.

30-Second Summary

A passerby noticed the foot on the shore of Westham Island, south of Vancouver. It is the fifth severed foot to turn up in the area in 11 months. Two feet appeared last August, a third surfaced in February of this year, and then a fourth was found in May.

The foot, like all the ones before it, was in a running shoe. But the newest instance is a left foot, whereas the others were all right. None of the feet appear to have been removed by force.

The police are still investigating DNA evidence and any potential links among the cases.

Attention has focused on a plane crash that occurred in February 2005, when a float plane carrying five men went down northwest of Vancouver. The Times Colonist newspaper from Victoria, B.C., notes that only one of the men’s remains had been found.

“But there has also been rumors about gangs and stuff,” said Diane Selkirk, a freelance writer residing near where one of the feet was discovered, according to the CNN.

Such theories, also including the 2004 Asian tsunami and fisherman suicides, have circulated through many coffee shops and newspapers in the Vancouver area. But the puzzling story has been picked up throughout the world, appearing in newspapers in Britain and even in Australia.

A Seattle oceanographer stressed the weight of the situation: “It’s very serious. I mean you’re talking potentially five different people, potentially a serial killer, so there’s something going on here that’s beyond our imagination right now,” the Calgary Herald reports.

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