French Dance Craze Dubbed 'A Movement'

July 21, 2008 09:03 AM
by Isabel Cowles
The French dance craze Tecktonik (part hip-hop, part techno), characterized by high tops, skinny pants and “joy,” is gaining in popularity.

30-Second Summary

The latest French dance craze, Tecktonik, is about to go mainstream.

The craze, which developed in suburban dance halls, appeals to young dancers with “no academy, no religion,” says to one. “It’s not sexual; there's no meaning. The movement came out of the suburbs for people who just want to have fun.”

The movements that characterize Tecktonik dancing are part techno, part hip-hop. But Tecktonik is not quite hip-hop, explained one dancer: “it is more chic and clean. It's more family-like; we spend evenings together.”

The dancer elaborated, “there is not much original about Tecktonik. It's an amalgamation of trends from the past. But when people see me dance or get going themselves, something happens. It's joyful.”

The fun has spread to schools: even young students take part in the Tecktonik joy. The style and movement have become so pervasive that the Tecktonik “movement” has recently attracted the attention of major media sources and is likely to become a mainstream dance trend.

Tecktonik is unlike other mainstream dance crazes, however, as it’s not choreographed. Tecktonik represents a way of life, more than a simple series of movements: it is “as much a movement as a way of moving on the dance floor,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

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