Denmark Pursues ‘Highest Decorated Nazi Dane’

February 26, 2008 02:40 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Denmark has indicted 86-year-old former Nazi SS officer Søren Kam. But Munich courts refused to extradite Kam, a German citizen.

30-Second Summary

Kam is wanted for the 1943 murder of anti-Nazi Danish newspaper editor Carl Henrik Clemmensen.

However, Munich courts have denied Denmark’s request for deportation, ruling that Kam was acting in self-defense. Unlike murder, manslaughter or “accidental death” is covered by a statute of limitations in Germany, according to London’s The Daily Telegraph.

The Telegraph also writes that Kam was awarded the Knight’s Cross during World War II, making him the “highest decorated Nazi Dane.”

The Danes are now looking into new charges against Kam. Allegedly, he was involved in the deportation of hundreds of Danish Jews to concentration camps. A BBC audio interview with Kam made available online in February records him denying the new allegations. He says, “Neither before or during the war, I never did anything to the Jews.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, an organization dedicated to bringing Nazi war criminals to justice, is lobbying the Danish government to continue its pursuit of Kam. He features prominently in a campaign launched by the center in 2002 called “Operation Last Chance,” which seeks to bring Nazi war criminals to justice before they die from old age. 

The Kam case coincides with the investigation of John Demjanjuk, who faces deportation from the United States. Fifteen years ago, Demjanjuk was accused of being the infamous camp guard Ivan the Terrible. Acquitted of those charges after a long process, he is currently under investigation for different war crimes committed under another identity.

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