Toxin in Pet Food Added Deliberately

May 03, 2007 05:44 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Contaminated cat and dog food has caused thousands of animal deaths. Evidence suggests Chinese manufacturers routinely add a banned substance to exports.

30 Second Summary

As of April 26, 2,200 dogs and 1,950 cats had died from eating pet food containing gluten and protein products imported from China. The Chinese imports contained melamine, a coal derivative.

Though the addition of melamine to any food product is illegal under U.S. law, the substance is not normally considered toxic. Veterinarians are trying to figure out why the additive was capable of causing kidney failure and death in this instance.

The contamination led to pet stores withdrawing more than 60 million products as part of an ongoing voluntary recall that began in March.

American food safety investigators are now working in China. They have discovered that Chinese suppliers routinely add melamine to animal feed. The additive boosts the level of protein detected in tests, but contains no nutritional value.

Concerned pet owners should contact the AVMA for the latest on the recall.


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