Poisoned Chinese Candy Remains on Utah Store Shelves

October 06, 2008 02:43 PM
by Rachel Balik
Despite the FDA recall of melamine-tainted candy and coffee, some store owners in Utah continued to sell the products.

Utah Store Owners Fail to Remove Tainted Candy

The FDA has recalled Chinese candies, instant coffee and tea because they contained milk products potentially contaminated with a harmful industrial chemical called melamine. Although Utah officials ordered all store owners to take the products off the shelves, Utah was not listed on the FDA press release as a state that sold the product, causing some confusion.

The manufacturer of White Rabbit candy, the Bright Food Group, began investigating its product after the officials in Singapore warned consumers against buying the candy because it contained melamine.

The laboratory tests found that the candies contained more than the permissible 135 parts of melamine per million.

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In 2007, investigators found the Chinese manufacturers had been deliberately adding melamine to pet food, causing the deaths of some pets. The product was added to falsely boost the results of protein tests for the product.

Later that year, parents reacted with alarm as Chinese toys were recalled in massive numbers. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission discovered that 4 million Chinese-made Aqua Dots toys contained a chemical that, if ingested, can turn into the date rape drug GHB, a chemical that can induce seizures or a coma. At least two children fell into a comatose state after coming into contact with Aqua Dots.

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