Teens in Gloucester Make Pact to Get Pregnant

June 23, 2008 03:56 PM
by Rachel Balik
A group of teens at Gloucester High School decided to get pregnant and raise babies together, baffling school officials.

30-Second Summary

At Gloucester High School in Gloucester, Massachusetts, 17 teenage girls are pregnant, and the school principal says that the surge is a result of a group pact to get pregnant. Teachers and supervisors don’t understand why the girls would want to get pregnant so desperately, and the school was appalled when it learned that one baby was fathered by a 24-year-old homeless man. A student at the high school who had a baby last year says that girls frequently commented on how lucky she was and thinks that her peers want to get pregnant because “They're so excited to finally have someone to love them unconditionally.”

Some experts blame bad values; Reverend Eugene Rivers told the Boston affiliate of CBS that the girls did what they did because society at large had abandoned the idea of “shame.”  Others, such as the gossip blog Perez Hilton, say that movies and movie stars glorify teen pregnancy. The solution: “Someone needs to do an anti-Juno flick…fast!”

But the CBS Evening News blamed the poor economy. Correspondent Michelle Miller said, “The once-thriving fishing community has seen jobs drift overseas. Economic depression has left many teens trying to fill the void.”

Unexpected pregnancies still account for a large number of births in the United States, and psychologists speculate that some women may want to get pregnant as a means to a better life.

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