Patients Offer Online Health Updates

June 10, 2008 05:00 PM
by Isabel Cowles
Patients now prefer the Internet to the telephone as a method of sharing their medical information with loved ones.

30-Second Summary

For years, patients have used the Internet as a source of medical information and mutual support when facing terminal illness or unique medical conditions.

Now, patients are going online to more easily and efficiently provide their loved ones with the latest information about their health. One patient explained how arduous it is to update his friends and family over the telephone: “I had … been burning myself out with phone calls.”

Sites like CaringBridge and CarePages allow patients to communicate both good and bad news immediately to everyone who they want to keep informed. “The emotional support really took us by surprise,” remarked one patient who used an online service.

Headline Link: ‘Patient Web Sites Used for News, Support in Crisis’

Background: Internet keeps patients from feeling stigmatized, isolated

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