Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Wii Fit, does a yoga pose as he
demonstrates the game (AP).

Is the Wii Fit Game a Substitute for the Gym?

May 19, 2008 06:02 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
The Wii Fit game is being marketed as a fun way to exercise for people who can’t go to the gym, but it may not measure up.

30-Second Summary

Nintendo’s new Wii game, Wii Fit, costs $90 (about the price of a one-month gym membership) and is being marketed as a solution for those lacking the time or inclination do literal workouts. Responses to the game are varied. Although most testers feel that is at the very least fun and gets muscles feeling a bit of burn, it is hard to say whether playing the game should really be considered a substitute for going to the gym.

Of course, it’s better than no exercise at all, and stands a good chance of appealing to those who are more inclined to play video games than go for a run. “This makes exercise fun and I think it will help to motivate a lot of lazy folks,” said Sharone Huey an exercise physiologist.

The game may also prove useful for those who are literally too busy to go to the gym, such as single mothers. One exercise enthusiast approved, saying, “I go to the gym, so I don’t need this, but for someone who doesn’t want to leave the living room it would be great.”

A British study of Wii last year revealed that, although Wii players burned 60 more calories an hour than Xbox players, children required more activity than provided by the video game.

Most agree that the use of video games as a form of exercise launched as a trend with Dance Dance Revolution.

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