Fifteen-Year-Old Girl Changes Blood Type

January 28, 2008 08:00 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff

Demi-Lee Brennan’s blood type changed from O-negative to O-positive after a liver transplant operation. Doctors called it a “one-in-six-billion miracle.”

30-Second Summary

Demi-Lee, an Australian, received the transplant after contracting a virus that attacked her liver.

Normally, a patient receiving a transplant has to take immuno-suppressant drugs to stop the body’s defenses rejecting the foreign organ. That medication leaves the patient vulnerable to infections and disease.

But Demi-Lee has escaped that fate. Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, her physician, Dr. Alexander, explained why: "Normally the body's own immune system rejects any cells that are transplanted … but for some reason the cells that came from the donor's liver seemed to survive better than Demi-Lee's own cells.”

No patient has ever been known to change blood type in this way.

Dr. Alexander went on to say that Demi-Lee’s transformation “has huge implications for the future of organ transplants."

Headline Link: ‘Transplant Girl's Blood Change a "Miracle”'

Background: Liver transplants and the functions of the liver


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