FDA Detains Contaminated Seafood from China

June 28, 2007 06:28 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
The FDA has detained shipments of five species of seafood from China after finding that they contained two antibiotics and two antifungals illegal in the United States, joining the ranks of other dangerous Chinese products that include toothpaste, tires, and toy trains.

30 Second Summary

U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspectors have detained shipments of Chinese catfish, basa, dace, shrimp, and eel after discovering traces of the illegal antibiotics nitrofuran and fluoroquinolone and the illegal antifungals malachite green and gentian violet. Officials said there was no immediate health risk to the public, and stopped short of an outright ban on the products.

This announcement comes on the same day as reports that thousands of tubes of Chinese-made toothpaste containing the toxic chemical diethylene glycol were shipped to prisons and mental hospitals all over Georgia. FDA officials say that the toothpaste's presence indicates that it may have been more widely distributed than initially thought, and urged consumers to throw away all toothpaste marked "Made in China."

Although the FDA is responsible for ensuring the safety of imported products, its current food import system allows FDA inspectors to check less than one percent of all shipments arriving in the United States.

With American importing more food now than ever before, growing from an estimated 5.9 million imported items in 2003 to 9.1 million imported items this year, some critics say that an FDA overhaul is what's needed to allay growing import fears.





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