Man Frees Wife from Croc’s Jaws

April 04, 2008 12:13 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
A man saved his wife from a crocodile attack by poking it in the eyes. Research shows there is an optimum tactic to use whenever wild animals attack.

30-Second Summary

Thirty-six-year-old Wendy Petherick was standing at a riverbank in the remote Northern Territory of Australia when the 2.5-metre crocodile grabbed her leg and pulled her into the water, reports The Guardian.

She called for her husband, Norm Moreen, who sprung into action and succeeded in freeing her from its grip.

The incident highlights the importance of knowing the proper methods of protection against wild animal attacks.

Experts recommend running away from alligators and crocodiles, as they will only chase a human for about 30 feet. If attacked, a bump on the snout or playing dead is the best course of action. At least, that is what the South Florida Sun-Sentinel advises.

Contrary to popular opinion, hitting a shark on its nose is not the most effective response during an attack, according to survival Web site Worst Case Scenarios. Instead, poking its eyes and gills is the best way to fend off a shark.

The International Wolf Center recommends that people approached by wolves should make noise and flail their arms to appear larger.

A recent report said bear spray is by far the most effective method of protection in a bear attack. Sprays were 90 percent effective in 72 bear attacks, significantly outperforming rifles. And that way both bear and person is left unharmed.

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