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Super Mario Bros. Theme Goes Big Band

May 09, 2007 06:22 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Guinness Book World record holder's theme music spawns big band and beatboxing flautist videos.

30 Second Summary

In Japan, the Super Mario Brothers continued popularity inspired the "Mario and Zelda Big Band live" concert. Not only was the intrepid plumber's theme put to a big band samba beat, but the producers gave it lyrics as well.

Another recent arrangement came from New York flautist, Greg Patillo, who played the theme on his flute while beatboxing at the same time.

In the mid 80s, Super Mario became a world-wide, runaway hit for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Eventually, the classic version alone would sell almost 40 million copies, a record unmatched to this day.

While Mario made it big in his own game, it wasn't his first appearance for Nintendo. In fact, he was the jumping hero in Donkey Kong, which came out before Super Mario Brothers.



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