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Lori Delgado

News Anchor Resigns as Slander Lawsuit Looms

October 10, 2008 02:55 PM
by Rachel Balik
Philadelphia news anchor Lori Delgado has resigned after a former co-worker announced intentions to sue her and her employer, a local affiliate of NBC.

Philly Reporter Resigns After Court Filing

Lori Delgado, a NBC 10 news anchor in Philadelphia, has resigned after she and the station were informed that former anchor Vince DeMentri plans to file a slander suit against them. NBC’s official statement indicates that Delgado is leaving to spend more time with her family. However, the station had been investigating a number of strange occurrences involving Delgado, including the keying of her Lexus and a bag of her personal property that someone moved to a different spot. DeMentri was fired in August, and is under scrutiny for a possible connection to these incidents.

He is suing Delgado for “intentionally interfering with [DeMentri's] contractual relationship with NBC,” his lawyer told the Philadelphia Inquirer. Delgado’s lawyer denies that Delgado has any involvement with DeMentri’s dismissal.

According to Philadelphia Daily News gossip columnist Dan Gross, the two anchors “once enjoyed a particularly close friendship, that soured at some point.”

Background: The investigation

The station began investigating DeMentri in July after Delgado’s possessions were moved and her car was keyed. DeMentri’s lawyers claimed the station was carrying out the investigation in an unprofessional manner by allowing rumors to circulate. The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists demanded that NBC release an official statement outlining the accusations and investigation.

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Philadelphia suffered another news anchor scandal this summer when anchor Larry Mendte admitted to hacking into the emails of co-worker Alycia Lane. Allegedly, Mendte was jealous of Lane’s higher salary, and used the information he found in her emails to expose some of her bad behavior, which ultimately led to her firing.

Lane was released from her contract because she had become the subject of so many stories herself, reported CBS 3. She got a great deal of attention for slapping a police officer in the face in New York City, and lost her job soon after that incident. She claims that much of the source material about her came from Mendte’s invasion of her email.

In 2007, Los Angeles reporter Mirthala Salinas was suspended after it become known that she was having an affair with the city’s mayor. The Los Angeles Times reported that although she was only suspended for two months, she quit after she was reassigned and the relationship ultimately dissolved. She met Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa while reporting on his immigration, education and public safety policies, and even reported on his split from his wife.

Although the mayor had been separated from his wife some weeks before the affair was exposed, it did great damage to the careers and reputations of both parties.

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