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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

‘Fertility Waters’ Are Latest Celebrity Fertility Secret

September 27, 2008 07:58 AM
by Shannon Firth
Nicole Kidman and six other women became pregnant after swimming in a waterfall in Australia.

The Fountain of Youth

Nicole Kidman said she and six other women became pregnant after swimming in a waterfall in Australia. Six of the seven babies conceived are girls. Kidman told The Australian Women’s Weekly, “There is something up there in the Kununurra water … we can call it the fertility waters now.” The waterfall is located in the north of the state of Western Australian and is part of the set of Baz Luhrmann’s new movie, “Australia.”

Kidman, 41, and her husband, Keith Urban, a country music singer, gave birth to her first biological child, Sunday Rose, in July. She has two other children—Bella, age 15, and Connor, age 13—who she adopted with her now ex-husband, Tom Cruise. “It’s exhausting, but I think at this age it’s more like spellbinding for me. To be given this again is a beautiful thing.”

J. Harvey, a blogger for Socialite Life, called Kidman’s waterfall confession a “backroom deal for Australian tourism.” While Kidman’s claims may be sincere, many hope her new film, advertised as “an Antipodean Gone with The Wind,” will bring Australia’s tourism industry out of its slump, just as “The Lord of the Rings” did for New Zealand. The Independent reported that tourism officials have commissioned the film’s director, Baz Luhrmann, to create a $50 million series of international advertisements for “Australia.”

Olivia Wirth, the executive director of Australia’s Tourism and Transport Taskforce, told U.K. paper The Independent, “We’re seeing the same number of holiday visitors that we did in 2000. That means we’ve got eight or nine years of flatlining growth of holiday visitors. So we absolutely support the Australia movie.”

Video: ‘Australia’ trailer

Australia” takes place during the start of World War II, as Lady Ashley, played by Kidman, teams up with a cattle driver, played by Hugh Jackman, to save her estate, Faraway Downs, from the threat of a takeover. Kidman, Jackman, an accountant and a young girl set about driving the cattle across the country as the Japanese bombs begin to fall.

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In 2000, model Iman also chose a less traditional method to help her get pregnant: baby-borrowing. Following an African fertility custom, Iman borrowed fellow model Christie Brinkley’s baby for a day; months later she was pregnant. Iman told Rosie O’Donnell that her husband “David [Bowie] is so excited. He looks so silly with his stupid grin, I keep on saying to him that people might think that he is back on drugs.”

Helena Bonham Carter first tried medication to help her get pregnant, then acupuncture-related Chinese massage. She considered in-vitro fertilization but ultimately she and husband Tim Burton conceived naturally while filming “Sweeney Todd.” Bonham Carter explained to People magazine how stressed she was during filming. “You’ve got to remember your marks, your lines, singing, everything, and actually—you have no brain! Suddenly your own brain is growing another person’s brain, so yours goes defunct.”
Other alternative practices include Procreation Vacations—getaway packages specifically designed to help “fertility-challenged couples.” Hotels provide everything from massages and reflexology to natural sea moss elixirs and pumpkin soup. Many hotels provide consults with on-site sex doctors. Packages can be found at hideaways in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jackson Hole and the Chesapeake Bay.

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