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Actor Patrick Dempsey shows support for the  Writers Guild of America members at
Prospect Studios in Los Angeles.

Threat of Actors' Strike Stalls TV and Movie Production

June 25, 2008 03:41 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Primetime TV and movie actors may find themselves on the picket line if an agreement isn’t reached.

30-Second Summary

After taking a major hit from the writers’ strike, primetime TV shows are threatened by the possibility of an actors’ strike. This could be a devastating blow to television shows, whose ratings have already dropped significantly in the past year. A strike now would be “another protracted work stoppage that’s a fight for pennies, winds up costing millions, and it’s anathema to entertainment,” according to Allison Waldman of the TV Squad blog.

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) must strike a deal with the studios by June 30, when the current contract expires, but if no agreement is reached, the union may call a strike. Actors are fighting for “royalty pay hikes, approval over the use of clips and product placements, and payments for original programs on the Internet.” If no contract is finalized, studios may also declare a lockout.

Movies will suffer as well. Agents have stopped making deals for actors, and plans for new movies are stalled. 

Hollywood has responded by pushing up as many projects as possible. Primetime TV shows are trying to complete at least part of the new fall season prior to the June 30 deadline. “CSI,” “House” and “My Name is Earl” will have several episodes filmed by June 30.  They can’t afford to lose more viewers to other forms of entertainment.

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