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Meredith Vieira, left, speaks with Sarah Jessica Parker about the new "Sex & the City"
movie (AP).

Female Audiences Help ‘Sex’ Soar at Box Office

June 02, 2008 03:53 PM
by Rachel Balik
Female audiences proved their power as consumers when Sex and The City was number one at box offices this weekend.

30-Second Summary

Movies targeted at women are not usually expected to pull in big sales at the box office, but Sex and the City defied all odds this weekend, earning $55.7 million. Never before has an R-rated comedy or a romantic comedy performed so well during opening weekend. “What this shows is that given the right project, you can create a frenzy for the female aud[iences], just like we are used to with boys and men,” said president of domestic distribution at Warner Brothers, Dan Fellman.

Ticket sales were also unusually high for a movie starring a woman. Although women are certainly present as leads in films, they are not thought to be box-office draws. Sarah Jessica Parker was as happy about the ramifications for female actresses as she was about the film’s performance. “I am so excited about the possibilities for movies about women,” she said.

Of course, for any movie to perform as well as “Sex and the City”, it would probably need to have the same cultish following. Women were so committed to the series that they happily ignored bad reviews and the film’s much criticized two-and-a-half hour run time. “It can never be too long because I can watch the show for 14 hours in a row,” insisted one fan.

Groups of female friends gathered to see the show together, causing The Los Angeles to observe, “Worshippers of ‘Sex and the City’ may not look like Comic-Con fans but they're every bit as tenacious—and they smell better.”

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