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Dior Dumps Sharon Stone from Ads in China

May 30, 2008 02:20 PM
by Rachel Balik
After she implied the recent earthquake was karmic punishment for China’s treatment of Tibet, Stone became the latest celebrity endorser dropped for bad behavior.

30-Second Summary

During an interview with a Hong Kong TV station during the Cannes Film Festival, Sharon Stone expressed disapproval of China’s behavior toward Tibetans. She continued, “And then all this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and I thought, ‘is that karma—when you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?’”

Stone is a model for Christian Dior, and its China office dropped her from their ads, stating, “We don’t agree with her hasty, unreflecting remarks and we deeply regret them.”

Dior, like other luxury companies, seeks to tap the thriving market in China, but has learned the hard way that celebrities and their remarks often cannot be controlled. The company now risks a poor image there; an editorial in China’s state-run newspaper called Stone “the public enemy of all mankind.” Dior is reconsidering its relationship with Stone on a global level.

Brands often dismiss celebrity endorsers when their behavior becomes embarrassing. Notable recent examples include Kate Moss, who lost contracts after admitting to cocaine use, and Kobe Bryant, whose contract with hazelnut spread Nutella was not renewed after he was charged with sexual assault.

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