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Lauren Conrad (right) of MTV's "The Hills" appears onstage during the show's live finale at
the MTV Times Square Studios Monday, April 2, 2007 in New York. (AP)

Neighbors Wish ‘The Hills’ Would Hit the Road

August 07, 2008 12:51 PM
by Rachel Balik
Residents of “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad’s street say the show’s production is disruptive, and are hardly the first to suggest that big stars don’t make good neighbors.

30-Second Summary

Residents of Los Angeles’s Orange Grove Avenue aren’t pleased to share space with Lauren Conrad, star of the hit reality TV show “The Hills.” Fans and paparazzi swarm around the house trying to get close to the stars, but neighbors feel that the show’s filming is disruptive, and have even suggested that Conrad doesn’t actually reside in the three-bedroom condo. One neighbor said her house is “a production facility for their TV show.”

Another neighbor claimed, “Most of the people in this neighborhood work in the industry. We're happy with responsible filming.”  Neighbors say that the paparazzi are stealing their wireless signals, and that two photographers once got in a knife fight. Even so, officials are not taking complaints too seriously.

Stacy Marble, a local field deputy, revealed that one of the lead complainers “is trying to shop around a reality show himself about what a hard time he’s had living next door to where a reality show is being filmed.”

However, when neighbors complained about Denise Richards's reality TV show, they drew attention of authorities, especially due to Richards’s plethora of misbehaved pets. “This is a gated community, not a zoo,” a Hidden Hills neighbor told Star.

Although most Los Angeles residents understand that frequent filming and coping with celebrities are part of the territory, residents of the small French town Brignoles are considerably less prepared to tolerate the invasion of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The couple are stalked by paparazzi, and local police frequently have to intervene. One resident said, “this is a beautifully peaceful area of the world, and Brad and Angelina are threatening that peace.”

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