High-Priced Bullets Shoot Holes in Gunslingers’ Wallets

May 22, 2008 08:01 AM
by Denis Cummings
Rising metal prices and increased demand have driven up the cost of ammunition and caused headaches for gun owners and law enforcement.

30-Second Summary

Ammunition dealers have reported that the cost of ammunition has doubled or even tripled over the past two years.

The rising prices are caused by a combination of industrialization in China, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and an increased domestic demand.

Chinese industrialization has created a rise in the demand for metals such as brass, copper and lead, which are used to make bullets and shell casings. The U.S. military is using more ammunition for its foreign combat actions, leading to a smaller domestic supply. And demand among domestic law enforcement has increased due to larger enrollments and stricter training guidelines after September 11.

As a result, there is less ammo available, longer waits to get it and higher prices to pay.

There are signs that metal prices may be heading downward, but prices remain much higher than normal and will continue to cause problems for gun owners while creating a profitable scrap metal market.

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