Airlines Institute New Fees for Luggage

April 25, 2008 07:00 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Next month, five major U.S. carriers will start charging passengers to check a second bag—the latest in a series of new fees for flyers.

30-Second Summary

Continental, Delta, Northwest, United Airlines and US Airways will charge coach passengers $25 for their second bag, while low-fare carrier AirTran will charge $10. Some carriers have also increased their fees to check a third bag.

“This change is due to rising fuel costs and business decisions reflecting today’s competitive landscape,” says Delta on its Web site’s baggage FAQ, about why it is now charging $25 for a second bag.

Blog MarketnewsGadgetTalk worries that lines at airports may become longer, as passengers will have to wait while people pay their fees. “If you ask me, this is a bad move that will probably cause a major backlash from frequent flyers.”

The new baggage measure is just the latest new charge for air travelers, who now often pay extra for once-standard amenities including food, curbside check-in and seats with extra legroom.

Comedian Bill Maher recently commented on the growing list of fees associated with air travel on the program “Real Time With Bill Maher.”

“Airlines should just get it over with and start putting passengers in the cargo hold. Let’s face it. You’ve already taken away the leg room, the food, the pillows. The only thing left is to tag us, load us onto the conveyor belt—and let us fight over who gets to sleep on the bag of mail.”

Travel experts are forecasting a rough summer for U.S. air travelers, as higher fares will likely lead to reduced schedules and crowded planes, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

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