Smoke rises from the U.S. Embassy in
San'a, Yemen.

16 Die as U.S. Embassy in Yemen Hit by Bombs, Sniper Fire

September 17, 2008 11:42 AM
by Emily Coakley
No Americans were among those killed Wednesday morning when a group set off bombs around the U.S. embassy in Yemen’s capital.
At least 16 people are dead after explosions detonated around the U.S. Embassy in Yemen Wednesday morning as people were arriving for work. According to the British newspaper the Guardian, snipers then fired on police who responded to the scene.

No Americans were killed, but the dead included six Yemeni soldiers and six attackers. Four civilians were also killed, according to the Guardian.

A White House spokesman, Gordon Johndroe, called the attack “a reminder of the continuing threat we face from violent extremists both at home and abroad,” the news service Agence France-Press reported. “We will continue to work with the government of Yemen to increase our counter-terrorism activities to prevent more attacks from taking place.”

A group called Islamic Jihad in Yemen has claimed responsibility, AFP reported.

Yemen is Osama bin Laden’s “ancestral home,” according to the Guardian, which provides an extensive list of attacks on U.S. interests there. The USS Cole, for example, was anchored off Yemen in 2000 when Al-Qaida bombed the ship and killed 17 American sailors.

In March someone fired mortar rounds at the U.S. embassy but hit a girls’ school next door, killing a security guard and injuring more than a dozen students.

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