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son’s web site finds mom’s killers

British Teen’s Web site Helps Find Mother’s Murderers

October 17, 2008 07:28 AM
by Rachel Balik
Eleven years after his mother’s murder, Daniel Grainger set up a Web site to find her killers. Two suspects have since been arrested.

Two Arrested After Teen Sets Up Web site

In effort to find the people who murdered his mother 11 years ago, 16-year-old Daniel Grainger set up a Web site pleading for any information that might aid the police investigation. Grainger lives in Sheffield, England, and barely remembers his mother, Patricia Grainger, who was killed at age 25. She had been “strangled, stabbed and sexually assaulted,” The Daily Telegraph reports, and was found in the water underneath a mattress.

After 11 years without any progress in finding the killers, the police have arrested two men, possibly based on clues collected by Grainger’s Web site, which has drawn 200,000 visitors from around the world.
Grainger launched the Web site after learning about advances in DNA testing that might help convict a killer. He asked people to contact him with information about the murder.  The Daily Mail reports that on his blog, he denied wanting revenge against the killers. He said that revenge was “making someone's life more miserable than they made yours” but that he was only seeking justice.

Grainger has said that he believes his Web site is responsible for the arrest of the two men, but police, who are questioning two local suspects, aged 51 and 59, will not confirm whether the Web site provided the necessary information.

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