Gay Couple in Netherlands Helps Raise 100 Children

May 09, 2008 06:00 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
by Shannon Firth
Despite increasing public acceptance, gay couples often face opposition when trying to adopt, and debate continues.

30-Second Summary

25 years ago, Aad and Ron Dissel de Boo, a gay couple living in Holland, became foster parents to two abused boys “almost as a gesture of ill will” by the Welfare agency. They have since fostered more than 100 children.

Public acceptance of gay parents appears to be on the rise. A 2007 Pew poll stated that 46 percent of respondents believed gay and lesbian parents should be allowed to adopt, compared with 38 percent in 1999. The American Psychology Association supports same-sex couple adoption, and in the past two decades at least 15 studies of more than 500 children showed that children of gay or lesbian parents are not disadvantaged.

However, many social conservatives like Dr. James Dobson disagree, claiming: “[T]he majority of more than 30 years of social-science evidence indicates that children do best on every measure of well-being when raised by their married mother and father.”

An ACLU press release rejects old rhetoric like Dobson’s, stating, “Children without homes do not have the option of choosing between a married mother and father or some other type of parent(s).”

Opposition to gay adoption often overlaps with concerns over homosexuality being “contagious.” Blogger Greta Cristina believes the gay community is fixated on persuading straight people that children they raise will not necessarily turn out to be gay.

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