Italy’s Berlusconi Mocks Looks of Female Left-Wing Politicians

April 11, 2008 06:10 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Silvio Berlusconi asserted that the liberal women in parliament were less attractive than those on the right, provoking anger from the center left.

30-Second Summary

"The left has no taste, even when it comes to women," said right-wing Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi. He told local media that conservative female politicians were better looking than liberals, inciting fury from the left.

In a world dominated by political correctness, Berlusconi is notorious for voicing insensitive comments. He was forced to apologize in 2003 when he told a German Member of European Parliament that he ought to audition for the role of a Nazi in an upcoming Italian film about concentration camps. Refusing to accept that insulting fellow politicians was no longer considered acceptable behavior, he “launched this verbal weapon of mass destruction.”

Despite a long list of verbal and legal transgressions, Berlusconi stands a good chance of winning the election in 2008. He compensates for his lack of manners by championing the ideals behind Italian nationalism and trumpeting his achievements as a self-made man. Italians “enjoy his down-to-earth, roguish charm, and his glamorous lifestyle is their Italian Dream.”

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