Indian Kidney Trade Dupes Laborers

February 02, 2008 08:15 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Some 400-500 low-wage workers in India have been tricked into donating their kidneys by medical staff involved in an illegal transplant ring.

30-Second Summary

The clinic was located just outside Delhi. Members of the medical staff lured about 500 day laborers there with promises of work, then forcibly anesthitized them and removed their kidneys.

Blog says that some were paid $1,275 for the ordeal, but the recipients of the kidneys paid around 20 times that amount.

The International Herald Tribune reports that Mohinder Lal, the case’s chief investigator, said that several clinics and individual medical workers had ties to the kidney transplant racket.

Over the past few years, organ trafficking rings have emerged in Iran and in Eastern Europe.

Western medical professionals debate the ethics of allowing donors to sell their organs.

Arthur Matas argues in a Cato Institute report that the practice would shorten the usual three-year wait to receive a kidney.

However, the practice can be problematic for those selling their organs. A 2002 report in the Journal of the American Medical Association states that a group of 305 Indians who sold their kidneys suffered future health and financial problems.

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