Hindus and Muslims in India hold a banner on Dec. 7 that reads in Gujarati: “Terrorists’ home
Pakistan; declare Pakistan a terrorist nation.’”
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Pakistan Orders Closing of Charity Tied to Alleged Mumbai Attack Planners

December 11, 2008 05:33 PM
by Emily Coakley
After arresting several men accused of planning the Mumbai attacks earlier this week, Pakistan has said that the charity they were connected with must close.

Charity Accused of Being a Terrorism Front

Voice of America reports that the offices of Jamaat ud Dawa were closing by order of Pakistan’s government. The United Nations on Wednesday accused the charity of being a front for the terrorism group Lashkar e Taiba, which is being blamed for the November attacks in Mumbai.

Jamaat ud Dawa is well known in Pakistan, and its leaders say they run 172 schools across the country, servicing 20,000 children, Voice of America said.

The head of the organization, Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, has denied any connection to terrorism.

“If India or the U.S. has any proof against Jamat-ud-Dawa, we are ready to stand in any court. We do not beg, we demand justice,” Saeed told reporters at a press conference Thursday, the Associated Press said.

The UN’s accusation means the group could have its assets frozen and have travel banned for members, AP said.

Pakistani officials have placed Saeed, who is also believed to be the founder of Lashkar e Taiba, on house arrest for three months, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Background: Pakistan Arrests Accused Planners

Earlier this week, Pakistan has arrested several men suspected of planning the attacks in Mumbai last month that left more than 150 people dead.

India has said that the group Lashkar-e-Taiba was responsible for the attacks. The people arrested Sunday in Kashmir were allegedly part of a charity that is linked to the group, according to AFP.

Those arrested included Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, who is believed to be the mastermind of the attack. The only gunman who survived the three-day siege was reportedly named Lakhvi, The Guardian said.

The attacks horrified India, which has seen several acts of terrorism this year, and led to the resignation of the home minister.

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