U.S. Terrorist Jose Padilla Gets 17 Years

January 22, 2008 03:57 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
New York-born Jose Padilla gets 17 years 4 months for aiding foreign Jihadists. He was once accused of plotting to explode a “dirty bomb.”

30-Second Summary

The Washington Post and The Miami Herald note early in their reports on the sentencing that the prosecution had urged Judge Marcia Cooke to issue a sentence for life imprisonment.

In contrast, the BBC story carries the headline “Padilla Given Long Jail Sentence.”

Divergences in emphasis such as this will fuel the coming debate regarding whether the judge was right to lessen the sentence on account of what she described as the “harsh” conditions of Padilla's internment. The judge referred to his treatment as an enemy combatant in her summing up.

Political blog Little Green Footballs is one of the first to weigh in, accusing the Associated Press of bias.

The AP is often cited as a model of objective journalism, but according to LGF, the AP’s Padilla story was “dripping with skepticism.”

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