rainfall, flooding ending in Chicago region
The Chicago Sun-Times, Al Podgorski/AP

Rains Subside in Chicago Region but Flooding Continues

September 15, 2008 01:09 PM
by Cara McDonough
Meteorologists are predicting dry weather this week and officials have begun clean-up efforts following massive flooding in the area.
The Chicago area may see a record for rainfall in one month broken by the time showers end, even though September is only half over. Through Sunday evening, 12.61 inches of rain total had fallen at O’Hare International Airport this month. The record was set in September 1961, when 14.17 inches fell the entire month, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Rain was expected to end Monday morning. The weekend’s rainfall alone was enough to cause major problems in the Chicago region. Flooded rivers and creeks forced more than 1,000 voluntary evacuations and dozens of flood-affected schools cancelled classes Monday.

The severe weather was caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ike, reports the Associated Press, and brought the storm’s death toll to at least 32 in nine states from the Gulf Coast to the Ohio Valley.

Officials say it may be several days before Chicago-area evacuees, some of whom are staying in makeshift shelters, can return to flooded homes. Firefighters and other emergency personnel started sandbagging to stop the flooding in several neighborhoods Sunday night.

“I have never seen flooding like this,” Babu Daniel, who has lives in the Riverside community just outside Chicago, told the Tribune on Sunday as he walked through water up to his knees.

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