Charlie Riedel/AP
Steve Fossett in 2005

Steve Fossett’s Plane Found in California

October 02, 2008 12:34 PM
by Emily Coakley
A federal investigator has been sent to investigate a plane crash believed to be that of missing aviator Steve Fossett.
Wreckage of a small plane discovered Wednesday in eastern California appears to be from the plane piloted by missing aviator Steve Fossett, the National Transportation Safety Board announced Thursday morning.

According to Reuters, there was no mention of whether Fossett has been found. The Associated Press, though, said no remains were found at the site, according to Sheriff John Anderson.

Earlier this week, a hiker discovered some of Fossett’s belongings, Reuters reported, reigniting the search for the aviator and his aircraft. Both disappeared in September 2007 after taking off from a ranch in western Nevada. AP said the wreckage site is “about 90 miles south of the ranch.”

Fossett was declared dead in February, the AP said, after a search that covered 20,000 square miles failed to turn up any sign of him or his plane.

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