Truck Tosses Its Cookies on Interstate Highway near Chicago

May 19, 2008 06:04 PM
by Anne Szustek
A trailer transporting 14 tons of Oreo Double Stuf brand cookies tipped over I-80 near Morris, Ill., flinging the cookies in their cellophane wrappers over the roadway and median.

30-Second Summary

The driver of the truck fell asleep at the wheel, according to Ill. State Police Master Sgt. Brian Mahoney. He ran into the highway median 3:40 am CDT Monday when the trailer turned over and dumped its cargo.

Both lanes of traffic were closed until 6 a.m. while state authorities picked up the cookies. Much of the mess had been moved off to the side by Monday morning rush hour, but footage from Chicago CBS affiliate WBBM later Monday morning shows traffic moving freely near the accident site—albeit with the highway and passenger tires getting a thin crust of Oreo crumbs.

WBBM traffic reporter Kris Habermehl said when checking out the site from his helicopter, “You don’t want to lose your cookies this early in the morning—wait, that didn’t sound right."

This is not the first time this year that jackknifed trucks have spilled interesting cargo pleasing to news team video cameras.

St. John’s County in Florida had to shut down a portion of I-95 after a semi-trailer tipped over and dumped Jell-O snacks on the roadway.

In mid-March, a trailer transporting bees tipped in suburban Sacramento, releasing 8 million of the stinging insects over a swath of California State Route 99. Calif. State Highway officer Michael Bradley had to end his phone call abruptly while he “went at it with a bee in the car.” In that crash, some $75,000 to $80,000 of a key agricultural commodity was lost in a region populated by orchards.

Mahoney said no charges have been filed against the sleepy Oreo driver, leaving Illinois state troopers to clean up the driver’s “just desserts.”

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