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Ticket for Monday Haircut Draws National Laughter

May 28, 2008 12:02 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
A rare enforcement of an archaic Louisiana law evokes other strange ordinances.

30-Second Summary

Clyde Scott was ticketed by Houma city police for breaking a 1966 city ordinance that bans barbershops from doing business on Sunday, Monday and certain holidays, reports WWLTV.

Scott says he was doing a favor for a local kid, who needed a haircut before his graduation ceremony, when neighbors complained that customers were loitering in front of the shop. “About 30 minutes into what I was doing, I had a Houma police officer come through and ticket me because I was open on a Monday," said Scott.

Terrebone Parish, La., District Attorney Joe Waitz said he’ll dismiss the citation, and mocked the existence of such a law. He wasn’t the only one, as the story inspired laughter around the country and discussion of other silly laws still on the books in American municipalities.

According to the Web site Dumb Laws, the state of Louisiana also bans fake wrestling matches, stealing an alligator and biting a person while wearing false teeth.

Various Web sites and e-mail chains are devoted to lists of wacky laws that seem to make no sense, though Dwight Otwell of the Smokey Mountain Sentinel suspects that some of them have been repealed or even made up.

One example is the ubiquitous myth that sororities are banned in some cities due to laws that say that a certain number of women living together constitutes a brothel. There is no reliable evidence that such laws exist, says myth-debunking Web site Snopes.

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