Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock

Fraud Prevention Company Founder Can’t Protect Own Identity from Theft

May 22, 2008 02:51 PM
by Isabel Cowles
Todd Davis, who uses his own social security number to demonstrate the efficiency of identity theft product LifeLock, is being sued for fraud.

30-Second Summary

Todd Davis, founder of the fraud-prevention company LifeLock, is being sued by customers in Maryland, New Jersey and West Virginia for promoting a service that plaintiffs allege he knew was ineffectual.

Despite using LifeLock himself, Davis has been the victim of identity theft. After promoting the company through ads displaying his real social security number, Davis acknowledged to the Associated Press that others have made 87 attempts to use his social security number fraudulently, one of which was successful.

Attorney David Paris is seeking a class-action lawsuit against Davis, noting that Davis’s compromised records supports the claim that LifeLock does not protect consumers as advertised.

Companies like LifeLock can only protect customers against certain types of fraud. According to Susan Grant, consumer protection director with Consumer Federation of America, “There’s no ‘silver bullet’ to prevent identity theft.”

Identity theft was the primary consumer fraud complaint reported to the Federal Trade Commission in 2007.

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Davis displays SSN number in LifeLock commercials
Identity theft No. 1 consumer complaint 

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