Todd Stein, executive chef at Chicago's
MK, slices up a portion of foie gras.

Chicago Repeals Foie Gras Ban

May 16, 2008 09:44 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Animal rights activists are crying foul now that the duck and goose liver delicacy will be available to diners again after a two-year ban.

30-Second Summary

Chicago’s City Council made the decision on Wednesday to overturn the ban, which was originally passed in April 2006.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who has called the ban “the silliest law the City Council has ever passed,” ignored the objections of the law’s sponsor and stopped debate on the issue, reported the Chicago Tribune.

Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said that the repeal was due to “shameless manipulation” by restaurant lobbyists. “This decision is a big step backwards for the city, and it goes against the tide of civilized communities who are making the compassionate decision to ban foie gras,” PETA said in a blog post on its Web site.

But chef Eve Felder, in an e-mail excerpt posted on the food Web site Megnut, recounts her experience working on a foie gras farm in France and says that its production is not a cruel event for the animals: “It was an extremely gentle and intimate experience. The animal does not have a gag reflex. They always waddled away perfectly happy and full and ready for a nap.”

One alternative for squeamish diners is to consume only the award-winning “ethical” foie gras made by Spanish company Pateria de Sousa. The company says that it gives its ducks and geese “free-range” to feed instead of force-feeding them to fatten their livers like most other producers of the gourmet dish.

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