Deborah Evanoff shows off the American-made Arrowcopter at her plant in Hollister, Calif.,
Thursday, Oct. 4, 2007.

Buying American is Back in Style

May 21, 2008 12:35 PM
by Rachel Balik
An influx of dangerous imports from abroad combined with newfound patriotism are inspiring consumers to buy American.

30-Second Summary

In the wake of poisonous pet food and dangerous children’s toys, more Americans are determined to buy domestic protects. A poor economy coupled with an increase in patriotism has inspired consumers and added fuel to the fire. Now, groups that have always fought for patriotic purchasing are getting more attention.

Roger Simmermaker, who wrote a book titled “How Americans Can Buy American” says that even in a global economy, buying American is easier than people think. “People can complain, well, 97 percent of the clothes we buy in the United States are imported,” he said. “Well, I know where to find the 3 percent.”

Last year, China knowingly imported contaminated pet food ingredients, causing the death of many American pets. In fall and winter of 2007, Chinese toys proved dangerous for children.

Those who wish to purchase safe, domestic products can seek them through online stores, such as the Dulcinea Media Store.

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