American Communities Honor Troops

May 28, 2008 04:19 PM
by Isabel Cowles
Communities across America continue to support members of the military, by hosting both send-offs and celebratory greetings for soldiers returning home.

30-Second Summary

Towns across the United States have staged parades, parties and festivities in honor of the soldiers who are currently being deployed, or are returning home.

Firefighters in Garden City, Long Island paid tribute to Marines departing on Memorial Day. According to a soldier on his way to his second deployment in Iraq, the celebration was “motivation.” He called the send-off “a moment I'll definitely remember over there. It definitely will help.”

Soldiers returning home receive similar support in many parts of the country. At an army base in New Jersey, Vietnam veterans “offered what they wish someone had once offered them,” welcome-home greetings to soldiers taking their first steps back on U.S. soil.

President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Afghanistan in 2009 means that troops will continue to serve abroad in increased numbers.

In addition to community support of the troops, many Web sites and organizations exist through which American citizens can support American soldiers both currently abroad and returning from service.

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