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Low-Tier Racecar Drivers Burned at the Pump

June 04, 2008 09:03 AM
by Isabel Cowles
Drivers at the bottom rungs of the sport are among the many feeling the effects of rising gas costs.

30-Second Summary

Small-scale car racers have been hit hard by rising gas prices, experiencing the effects of expensive fuel more acutely than their professional NASCAR equivalents.

Gas costs are less an issue for teams on the big-time circuits, like Nascar’s Sprint Cup series, because they generally have fuel provided for their racecars and have big-ticket sponsorship deals to help offset travel expenses,” The New York Times reports.

The cost of high-octane fuel runs at about $8.25 per gallon, with gas mileage in the single digits. In addition, drivers must pay upward of $5 a gallon for the diesel fuel that transports their vehicles to the track.

As the price of oil climbs, approaching $130 a barrel with prices continuing to rise, many racers are reducing the number of races in which they compete. Others are making lifestyle sacrifices to keep fueling their passion. “We don’t super-size anymore,” said one racer.

Other sports have also been hard hit by rising gas prices—boating, in particular. On average, it costs about $75 to fill a boat tank, and approximately the same amount to tow the boat to the water. One Denver boater complained about the recent rise in gas prices, stating, “It’s really put a dent in our pocket for sure."

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