FARC Frees Four Hostages

February 28, 2008 09:51 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
In a deal arranged by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, four hostages of the Colombian rebel group FARC have been released.

30-Second Summary

The hostages, all of whom are former members of the Colombian Congress, were released to Venezuelan and Colombian politicians yesterday.

The BBC reports that the hostages’ names are Luis Eladio Perez, Gloria Polanco, Orlando Beltran and Jorge Gechem.

The four were among more than 40 other hostages being held in the Colombian jungle.

The FARC hopes to exchange the remaining prisoners for the freedom of hundreds of jailed rebels, but refuses to negotiate the exchange until a demilitarized zone is created where talks can take place.

According to the BBC, the “rebels are also thought to be holding several hundred other hostages, many of whom were taken for ransom to help fund rebel operations.”

Headline Link: ‘Colombian Hostages Freed by FARC’

Background: Earlier Releases of Hostages and President Chavez

Key Player: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez


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